Technical Services

Looking for assistance with technical environmental consulting services? Outlined below are some of the specialist services offered by NGH Environmental.


Noise and Vibration Assessments

NGH Environmental can assist in undertaking noise assessments including background noise monitoring in accordance with the Industrial Noise Policy, construction noise impact assessments in accordance with the Interim Construction Noise Guidelines, and construction-phase noise monitoring. We can also arrange for vibration monitoring and assessment for construction projects


Dust Monitoring

NGH Environmental can establish a dust monitoring program in accordance with NSW EPA guidelines and standards. We can train your staff in managing on-site dust monitoring, or undertake the work on your behalf.


Water Quality Monitoring

NGH Environmental can establish construction-phase water quality monitoring programs and undertake works including establishing monitoring sites, collecting chemical and physical data, as well as ecological data, analysing and reporting, and advising on appropriate management measures to reduce impacts to waterways.


Sustainable Property Services

NGH Environmental can assist property developers and managers meet their triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental aspects) with a confidential analysis of operations which may include: environmental auditing, environmental reporting, and environmental training relevant to your needs.

We can also develop a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) for your organisation, so you can implement your sustainability strategy and comply with government regulations and certification standards.


Environmental Training

NGH Environmental provides qualified environmental trainers with real-world experience who can deliver targeted induction, training and information packages customised to suit your needs.

In addition, our staff have experience in the development, design and preparation of educational and publicity documents for commercial printing. We can design and deliver educational activities to audiences such as schools, Landcare groups and conservation organisations.


Recreation and Tourism

NGH Environmental is accredited to work with major organisations that deal with certification of sustainable travel and tourism products and services in Australia. We have recreation and urban and regional planners on staff who develop technological and design solutions as part of a strategic, environmental approach to tourism and development planning.


Legal and Policy Interpretation

Keeping up with environmental legislation and regulatory compliance requirements may be better left to the experts. The highly skilled and qualified staff at NGH Environmental can provide advice on the interpretation of relevant environmental policy and regulations, and provide other necessary solutions to ensure ongoing environmental compliance.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

A range of graphic and geospatial analysis and/or mapping services are offered by NGH Environmental, including:

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Interpretation of aerial photography
  • Vegetation, fauna and habitat mapping
  • Determination of view-sheds, visual impact areas, bushfire hazards and asset protection zones


Community Consultation

Major developments, in particular, can require initial, or ongoing, community consultation. NGH has staff who are highly experienced in facilitating effective community consultation, particularly in relation to significant infrastructure or ecologically sensitive issues.


State of Environment Reporting

NGH Environmental can prepare State of Environment Reports required by local, State and territory government bodies.


Expert Environmental Witness

With more than 21 years in the industry, NGH Environmental provides highly credible expert environmental witness testimony at the Land and Environment Court, and other relevant court cases.