Environmental Management

Environmental management services are provided by NGH Environmental to assist in the construction and operation phases of projects. Our expertise is both vast and extensive, and covers areas such as:

  • Construction environmental management plans
  • Operational environmental management plans
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Soil and water management plans
  • Flora and fauna management plans
  • Heritage management plans
  • Waste management plans
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Construction noise monitoring
  • Dust monitoring
  • Onsite ecological support
  • Onsite environmental officers
  • Independent Environmental Representatives
  • Environmental management systems (ISO 14001)


Environmental Management Plans

Environmental management plans (EMPs) are used by government agencies, contractors and developers to protect and manage the environment during the construction and operation phases of developments. They are usually project-specific and may apply to the construction phase (CEMP) or the operational phase (OEMP) of a development.

Environmental management plans are one of the principle vehicles for the implementation of environmental impact assessment findings (e.g. REF/SEE), legal compliance and development application approval conditions set by consent authorities such as local councils and State bodies.

NGH Environmental has extensive experience in the preparation of environmental management plans (EMPs), including plans with specialist components such as bird and bat monitoring at wind farms, conservation management plans, vegetation management plans and landscape rehabilitation plans. In fact, our expertise is so well-regarded, we recently prepared the Guideline For The Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for Railcorp NSW.

Environmental management plans prepared by NGH Environmental comply with all relevant environmental legislation and are based on appropriate consultation with agencies and stakeholders.

Our philosophy towards environmental management is to be practical, user-friendly, and focused on key issues and environmental impacts. NGH Environmental emphasises the ‘keep it simple’ principle in environmental management. Information is presented in a way that is easy to access and, where possible, integrated into a client’s existing environmental management system.

The compliance requirements for the applicable environmental regulations are outlined in the environmental management plan, and explain how the developer or contractor will achieve regulatory compliance through their own environmental management systems including environmental training, environmental monitoring and assessment, record-keeping, and sustainability reporting.


Environmental Management Systems

We have assisted many businesses in developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to ISO14001 standard. We recognise the importance of an EMS to business, and work with firms to ensure they retain ownership of the system.


On-Site Environmental Site Representatives

NGH Environmental can also provide for any road projects in NSW, a full-time Environmental Site Representative who has tertiary qualifications in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering and a minimum of five (5) years of experience in environmental management on road construction or other equivalent works.