Client: Roads and Maritime Services, Upgrade of North Stockton Swing Moorings – Ecological Assessment, 2016

Roads and Maritime Services (Roads and Maritime) proposes to upgrade the existing swing mooring location within the Hunter River at North Stockton in the Newcastle Local Government Area. The project includes the installation of 25 new swing moorings, the upgrade of the existing access ramp with a compacted gravel walkway and a concrete hard stand area with steel support frames for the storage of 24 dinghies. Ancillary works also include the demolition of a dilapidated timber jetty and installation of two isolated danger buoys by the existing wrecks. Construction of the dinghy storage rack will involve removal of vegetation, local regrading and imported fill to provide a level base for the concrete slab.

The aims of this aquatic ecology assessment are to:

  • Describe the existing aquatic environment and locality and determine the potential aquatic biodiversity constraints to the proposed works. In particular any habitats and/or flora and fauna species of conservation significance occurring or likely to occur within the field survey area would be identified and described
  • Determine the potential for threatened terrestrial species to occur within the field survey area.
  • Determine the potential construction and operational impacts of the proposal on biodiversity and in particular on any habitats and/or flora and fauna species of conservation significance that occur or are likely to occur within and in the vicinity of the survey area
  • Provide safeguards and management measures to mitigate any potential impacts.

The assessment also considered important shorebird habitat at the proposal site.