home-icon-approvals Approvals

NGH Environmental has been helping clients with development applications and planning approvals that have an environmental impact for more than 21 years. We can help with the development application process, finding environmental solutions, and providing expert environmental witness statements.

We are proud of our solid track record in obtaining development application approvals in a timely and cost-effective manner for a range of different project types, from general projects to challenging and complex projects, such as major infrastructure.


home-icon-town-planning Town Planning

NGH Environmental offers a comprehensive range of town planning and land development services that can be personalised to suit your specific requirements. This includes carriage of a project from inception to completion, or preparing specific reports required as part of the approvals process.
Our team has a high level of skill in statutory and strategic planning processes and environmental assessment. We specialise in the preparation of applications to Councils and State Government authorities.

Environmental Assessment

home-icon-assessments Assessments

NGH Environmental offers a range of environmental planning, assessment and management services, such as environmental impact assessments, environmental impact statements, environmental audits and management plans.

With more than 21 years experience in environmental planning and management, including providing planning advice on a range of major infrastructure projects such as wind farms, lineal developments and development within areas of high conservation value, you can be confident of a quality service.


home-icon-compliance Compliance

Whether you are looking to achieve regulatory compliance, comply with environmental legislation, or need sustainability reporting, NGH Environmental can help you manage your obligations. Some of the areas of environmental compliance NGH Environmental can assist with include: conditions of approval or consent; meeting or understanding legislative requirements; licences, permits and approvals; application of the standards and guidelines.

Our expertise extends to the provision of independent environmental representatives, environmental auditors and on-site environmental officers.


home-icon-herritage Heritage

NGH Environmental provides a wide range of heritage assessment and planning services that are often integrated within broader development assessment processes.

Our consultants guide clients through the process of identifying heritage sites, assessing heritage significance, potential heritage impacts from development and the conservation of heritage buildings and places of built and moveable heritage, as well as archaeologically significant sites (both indigenous and non-indigenous).


home-icon-ecology Ecology

There are a range of terrestrial and aquatic ecology services that NGH Environmental offers, such as ecological impact assessments and ecological surveys. These can be necessary when your site is identified as potential habit for endangered Australian animals or as a flora conservation area. Achieving clarity around the conservation status of the location can help with planning applications and approvals.

Our specialist teams and allied professionals have a reputation for delivering timely, cost-effective and reliable advice about ecology matters.


home-icon-environmental_management  Environmental Management

Environmental management services are provided by NGH Environmental to assist in the construction and operation phases of projects.

Our expertise is both vast and extensive, and covers areas such as: construction environmental management plans, operational environmental management plans, erosion and sediment control plans, soil and water management plans, flora and fauna management plans and in areas such as heritage, waste, water quality, dust and noise monitoring, as well as Environmental management systems (ISO 14001), to name just a few.

Why not give us a call? Our expertise will impress you and our track record is hard to beat.


home-icon-technical-services  Technical Services

Looking for assistance with technical environmental consulting services?

NGH Environmental provides a range of specialist services such as expert environmental witness, environmental training, community consultation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping, bushfire assessment, noise assessments, water quality or dust monitoring, legal and policy interpretation, plus more.

Let us know how we can help.