Vision and Mission

NGH Environmental is an industry leader, providing specialist environmental advice in areas such as impact assessment, ecology, heritage, environmental management, compliance, reporting, monitoring and sustainability, which are part of the core strengths of the business.

We achieve this by employing industry specialists in key fields including impact assessment, ecology, heritage and environmental management, providing a flexible and supportive workplace, and having a strong presence in regional areas.

We aim to do great work for our clients, and continually challenge staff by providing a diverse range of challenging projects for them to apply their skills and expertise to.

We believe in leading by example, with the directors committed to upholding high standards of personal ethics, congruent with their values.

NGH Environmental is engaged with regional Australian communities and is committed to supporting them by improving sustainability, efficiency and product quality, having offices in regional areas, and employing locals, where suitably qualified people are available.

We are recognised as a leading, specialist environmental management consultancy. We believe we can achieve this by building on our existing strengths, striving to lead the way in environmental impact assessments (EIA) and environmental management (EM) for renewable energy projects, biodiversity, environmental management and small-to-medium EIA projects.

NGH Environmental encourages a healthy work-life balance.